Snack peppers

Orange sweet snack peppers

Extra sweet and crunchy

Yellow sweet snack peppers

Extra sweet and crunchy

Red sweet snack peppers

Extra sweet and crunchy

The tasty vegetable snack

Frestia is known as a grower of snacking peppers; peppers with a weight of 30 to 35 grams with a high vitamin content. Because of its handy size, and especially because of its remarkably sweet taste and crispy bite, it is an ideal product for a delicious treat. It makes it a product perfectly in line with the vegetables and healthy food perception. Outside meal times too, as a snack.

Remarkably sweet

Orange is still the biggest colour in snacking peppers. Here we grow them also in red and yellow.

Through breeding we work on further innovation in close cooperation with large seed companies. The focus is on even sweeter products with fewer seeds combined with better characteristics in cultivation.


Vitapep, the brand for tasty snack peppers

With Vitapep, Frestia supplies the snacking pepper under its own consumer brand. Consumers can therefore buy a quality product with confidence. In addition, this gives us the opportunity to give retailers who sell snacking peppers extra support with e.g. tastings and product information on the shop floor.

With the Vitapep brand we take responsibility for our products on the shelf. Consumers can rest assured that they are buying the same product all year round. To ensure this, we do regular taste tests at fixed times in our company and with tasting panels. It is not for nothing that we are "All about taste".

In ten years, Vitapep has become a well-known name in the snack segment. Vitapep is a brand with a young, fresh look and feel, aimed at a target group that consciously wants to snack. 'Fun' and 'experience' are paramount. We create extra visibility for our snacking peppers with a separate website for the brand .