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Cultivation with passion and experience as ingredients

As experienced growers we know exactly what it takes to get the right balance between taste and quality. This control in growing listens closely, very closely. Therefore, our locations create the ideal conditions for growing the tastiest tomatoes and peppers. Taste our delicious sweet peppers and tomatoes! You’ll taste our passion for the most mouth-watering flavours, developed and grown from the best varieties. summer, fall, winter and spring. We’re all about taste

Availability all year round

The growing seasons on our farms start in December (Netherlands) and July (Portugal). The plants are then put in the greenhouse for the new season. After three months of hanging strings, fixing plants and crop care, we harvest the first tomatoes and peppers.

Since 2001 we have been growing in Portugal (Odemira). A unique location on the Atlantic coast. Here the summer climate is comparable to the Netherlands and therefore moderate. Tomatoes and peppers are grown here in modern well-equipped greenhouses according to Dutch standards. Controlled growing and good climatic conditions enable us to deliver quality all year round.

Frestia Portugal grows under the same conditions as in the Netherlands with reuse of water and fertilisers, organic crop protection and maximum attention to quality assurance and food safety. All this according to North European standards.

The entire process combined

We provide the highest level of service. To make that possible, we have our own packaging lines for tomatoes, snacking peppers and pointed peppers. We supply in any desired packaging. Customer requirements are leading for here and we do consumer research to get an accurate picture. This helps us to introduce innovative concepts.

Our tomatoes, snacking peppers and pointed peppers are available in a wide range of packaging. For the sale of our product, Frestia is affiliated with growers cooperative Harvest House. In cooperation with Harvest House and the customer we look for the most suitable presentation for the shelves.


The snacking peppers come in a variety of types of packaging. The buckets are much in demand, but bags and bowls (flow pack) are also common. For pointed peppers the most common packaging is 2 products in a bag. In addition, we supply 400 or 500 grams packaging, a mix, a flow pack of pointed peppers on a grill tray.

In Portugal we supply our concept regionally to regular customers: ‘Horta Sud Oeste’. This consists of tomatoes and snacking peppers, uniformly packaged in the same type of packaging. For the summer season, the brand "Eat Sweet" has been specially introduced to allow tourists from other regions to taste our product.

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