About Frestia

Proud employees make the tastiest products

Growing glass vegetables has a lot to do with the right greenhouse and good climate. But it always starts with people. Experienced, committed and curious people who work every day to achieve the best possible product. At Frestia, we are proud to employ people like that. Frestia works with a compact team of employees in both the Netherlands and Portugal. In most cases, those employees have been working with us for many years. They are professionals with an eye for quality who know what it takes to get the best out of a crop.

Marc Zuidgeest

Operational manager Send an email Call 0647046115

Linda Zuidgeest

Personnel & administration Send an email Call 0174296796

Taoufik El Mouridi

Head of personnel Send an email Call 0630275389

Nadine van Veen

Marketing & communication Send an email Call 0613204951

Patrick Franken

Manager marketing & sales Send an email Call 0651402163

Frank Barendse

Financial manager Send an email Call 0628655780

Nicolette van Adrichem

Administration Send an email Call 0174296796

Wim Zuidgeest

Managing director Send an email Call 0652334126

Hans Macco

Location manager Oranjeveld Send an email Call 0612139818

Elisabete Rosa

Administration PT Send an email

Martien Zuidgeest

Projects NL Send an email Call 0651283293

Débora Nascimento

Operational manager PT Send an email Call +351912016510

René Duijnisveld

Crop manager Send an email Call 0613447004

Jeff Zuidgeest

Location manager Anthuriumweg Send an email Call 0613550712

Jonatan Mestre

Crop manager PT Send an email

Luis Malpique

Marketing & general affairs PT Send an email

Ferry Enthoven

Projects PT Send an email Call +351919677414

Retain good people

We can count on the commitment of temporary workers and students, especially at peak times in the year.

We also strive for these employees to feel at home in our company so we can continue to see the same faces. Because it is mainly the people of Frestia who make a tomato or bell pepper taste like more!

Green thumbs and looking for a challenging job?

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