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Sweet and bursting with flavour

Red pointed pepper

Sweet and bursting with flavour

Orange pointed pepper

Sweet and bursting with flavour

Yellow pointed pepper

Sweet and bursting with flavour

Sorriso: smile from the sun

Sorriso’s full name is Sorriso do Sol. That's Portuguese for smile of the sun. We chose that name for a reason, of course. The longer a wine ages, the fuller its flavour. The same goes for sweet pointed peppers – our Sorriso spends longer than other peppers growing in the sun, and you can taste the difference. Full of flavour, a lot sweeter and super tasty. Anyone who has tried the Sorriso – for example, mixed into a salad or grilled on the barbecue – will never want anything else.

A special sweet taste

Since 2008 the sweet pointed pepper is the second speciality of Frestia. The elongated fruits weigh about 100-130 grams and have a sweet, refined taste. We grow a variety of which the peppers ripen slowly on the plant. Additional hours of sunlight help giving the peppers additional taste that you’ll really notice!

Thinner pericarp, fewer seeds

Just like the snacking pepper, the pointed pepper is suitable for eating on the go. But it is also a suitable and tasty ingredient for the preparation of dishes or the garnishing of salads. Stuffing or grilling are other popular applications for the pointed pepper.

The peppers we grow stand out with their thinner pericarp and have few seeds. The fruit has a characteristic twist and this gives it a natural appearance.

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