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Sweet with a delicious bite

Cherry plum on the vine

Sweet & delicious as a snack

Mini cherry tomatoes

Sweet & delicious as a snack

Amante: allow yourself to be tempted

Three guesses why our cherry tomato is called Amante... Because it means ‘lover’ in Portuguese. Amante has an irresistible flavour and is great-looking too. The red colour even evokes feelings of love in some people. Hence the name. For lovers of crunchy, sweet and juicy tomatoes. Just try to resist them.

A sweet snack for in between meals

Amante is the brand name for our tomatoes.  We have two delicious varieties of sweet tomatoes in our range, mini cherry tomatoes and the cherry plum on the vine.

Both of our tomatoes are 10-15 grams and very sweet. The sweet Cherry plum on the vine is exclusive and has a recognisable "Torpedo" shape

International allure

The tomatoes are grown at the location in Portugal. From there, they are immediately packed in our own conditioned packaging hall and immediately put on the cargo. 

Member of Harvest House

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